Camp Holiday

Step 1 — Select Tickets

Please register one camper per event registration. One camper may be registered for one or both sessions in a single event registration.

For multiple campers per session, please complete an individual registration for each camper.

Choose payment options (PayPal OR Pay by Check) for each session.

Checks (Payable to DSA of Greater Charlotte, 3900 #C Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209) must be received by registration deadline in order for camper registration to be complete. 

A limited number of camp scholarships are available for Camp Holiday. Deadline to apply is May 1, 2019

The DSA-GC has a limited number of scholarships available to support our families wishing to attend Camp Holiday in 2019.

Scholarship applications are handled very confidentially and are only viewed by the Board President.
To apply for a scholarship, please:
Step 1: Complete the form.
Step 2: Register for camp and select send Check option.
Step 3: a.Fax this completed form, along with Copy 1st page of 1040 or W2(s) to: 704-705-2438 or,
            b. Mail the completed form and required documents listed above to:
                 Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte
                 Attn: President 3900 Park Road, Suite C Charlotte, NC 28209

  Quantity Price Each Ticket Type
$0.00 SESSION 1 June 17-28 (Pay $350 by Check)
$350.00 SESSION 1 June 17-28 (Pay Pal Payment)
$0.00 SESSION 2 July 15-26 (Pay $350 by Check)
$350.00 SESSION 2 July 15-26 (Paypal Payment)
Additional Questions

Terms of Registration and Camp Release Disclosure 

Terms of Registration 
1. Registration Deadline: May 8th.
2. Registration Fee is $350 per session. Each session is two weeks. Campers must register per session.
3. Late registration is $400 per session.
4. ALL fees (and/or Financial Assistance Request Forms) and paperwork, including health forms, medicine authorization (if necessary), parental consent, teacher assessment, terms or registration and camp release disclosure are due May 15th. If any of the above paperwork is missing from the camper's file as of May 15, the camper will be put on the waiting list. 
5. Open spots in camp will be filled from the waiting list based on the age group of the camper and the numbers of counselors available for that group. Camp Holiday maintains a 3:1 camper to counselor ratio in each group of campers. Only campers who have paid in full and have turned in all of their paperwork will be considered for an available camp slot. IF no space is found for a camper on the wait list, then a full refund will be issues on the first day of the camp session for which they have been listed.
6. If DSAGC Camp Holiday is cancelled due to low enrollment, then a full refund will be issues.
7. In the case of a serious illness or hospitalization of the participant, a refund may be requested less any credit card processing fees; documentation from physician should be submitted at the time of the refund request.
8. NO REFUND will be granted for withdrawal requests made without documentation from a physician.

Camp Release Disclosure 
By my signature below, I hereby acknowledge and confirm to the DSA of Greater Charlotte that I have the authority to act as the legal representative of the camper. I understand that DSA of Greater Charlotte assumes no responsibility for injuries or illnesses that a camper may sustain as a result of his/her participation in athletic activities, sports programs, the use of any equipment, exercise or other activities of the DSA of Greater Charlotte. I expressly acknowledge that at all times I assume the risk and all the financial responsibility for any and all injuries and illnesses that may result from a camper's participation in any DSA of Greater Charlotte sponsored program or activity, including camp activities. 
I give permission to the DSA of Greater Charlotte without limitation or obligation to use the name, picture, likeness and/or audio or video recordings in any medium of myself or the camper that the DSA of Greater Charlotte obtains by our involvement or participation in the DSA of Greater Charlotte organization, programs, or activities for purposes of promotion or interpreting the DSA of Greater Charlotte programs or activities, including the solicitation of contributions, as determined appropriate in the sole discretion of the DSA of Greater Charlotte. 

Furthermore, I hereby agree to fully release, absolve, hold harmless and indemnify the DSA of Greater Charlotte for all liability, damages, claims, demands, costs or causes of action (including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees) that may arise in the present or future as a result of, or relating to, the activities of the DSA of Greater Charlotte or any agent or employee of the DSA of Greater Charlotte during my child's participant at any time in any program or activity of the DSA of Greater Charlotte. 

Parental  Consent of Participation
As the parent or legal guardian of this registered camper, I give my consent for him/her to participate in the following activities.
Permission is granted to the camp staff to authorize emergency medical treatment for my child should the need arise.
Permission is granted for photographs and video to be taken of my child for future publicity.
Permission is granted to apply sunscreen on my child as needed (please supply sunscreen labelled with child’s name).
Permission is granted to assist my child with dressing and in preparation for water-related activities – parents will
be notified in advance of water-related activities.

I hereby register my child for the 2019 Camp Holiday. I understand and agree to all terms and conditions in this and all other documentation pertaining to rules and policies of the DSA of Greater Charlotte.


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